Our Objectives

Promote sustainable community access to quality healthcare

By developing healthcare systems that are responsive to the specific needs of the community and are designed to promote health equity

Promote positive parenting at household and community levels

Encouraging and supporting parents to adopt effective parenting strategies that promote the healthy physical, emotional, and social development of their children

Support women of child-bearing age and children to access quality Maternal and Child HealthCare (MCH)

Ensuring that they can access a range of health services that promote their health and well-being by encouraging pre-natal care, regular check-ups, nutrition education, family planning, and vaccination programs.

Promote positive Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health behavior among youth

Providing education, resources, and support to encourage healthy sexual behaviors, prevent negative consequences such as sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies, and promote positive relationships and communication

Facilitate the conservation of natural resources for the future generation benefit

Take actions that will help preserve the Earth's natural resources, such as forests, water, and wildlife, so that they can continue to be used and enjoyed by future generations

Help social groups and individuals acquire knowledge of pollution and environmental degradation

Educate and inform people about the negative impacts of pollution and environmental degradation on the natural world and human health by providing information about the causes and effects of pollution and ways to prevent it, as well as promoting sustainable practices that minimize environmental harm


We offer a range of services to girls, mothers and many more for the betterment of our community and environment.

Reproductive health services

Access to family planning and contraception, prenatal care, and safe childbirth services

Gender-based violence prevention and response

Offer counseling and support services to survivors of gender-based violence, as well as work to prevent violence against women and girls

Economic empowerment programs

Offer training and support to help women and girls develop the skills they need to secure employment, start their own businesses, and become financially independent

Education and skills development

Provide educational programs and training opportunities to help girls and women develop new skills and improve their prospects for the future

Advocacy and awareness-raising

Work to raise awareness about the challenges facing girls and women in their communities, and advocate for policy changes and reforms that will promote gender equality and women's rights


Our portfolio highlights the impactful work we've done to make a difference in our community and beyond

From empowering marginalized groups to providing humanitarian aid, our portfolio showcases the breadth and depth of our mission-driven initiatives

We're dedicated to creating lasting change and our portfolio is a testament to our commitment

Explore our portfolio to see how you can join us in making a positive impact

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  • PALISA Outreach
  • School Outreach
  • Kitgum District
  • Tree planting
  • School Project

PALISA Outreach

A gentleman is given a new mattress, blanket, bedsheets and clothes

School Outreach

Visited a school and interacted with the future generation

Kitgum District

Sharing clothes among community families

Kapchorwa District

Tree plaanting

Palisa District

Providing school and home requirements to students

Kibuku District

Providing school and home requirements to students

Our Team

Our company team is a dedicated group of professionals who work together to achieve our goals.

We value collaboration, communication, and a positive attitude, and we strive to make a difference in everything we do.

With diverse skills and expertise, we tackle challenges and drive success.

Margaret Nsubuga

Executive Director/Team lead Program and Administration

Joshua Mubiru

Permanent Secretary, Finance and Grants manager

Joan Matovu

Vice Executive Director

Katsoft Willy

IT, Programme Officer


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